GOTY 2007-2010

December 26, 2011

It’s the end of the year again so everyone’s thinking about the game of the year for 2011. I’m a bit stuck though, I’ve played plenty of games this year but nothing has really stuck out as the best. I decided to think back for a few years and remember my faves from years past to help. The fact that I’m currently juggling a few indies with stay-up-until-dawn sessions of Skyrim also means I don’t feel ready to call it for this year. It might be January before I’m ready to make my final descision and I wanted to post something in December.

2010Amnesia/Red Dead Redemption/Heavy Rain/Minecraft

Even now 12 months later I can’t decide between Amnesia and Red Dead Repemption. They’re both very different but equally awesome games.

2009 – Plants vs Zombies/Uncharted 2/Dragon Age/Left4Dead 2/Blood Bowl/Borderlands

Lots of excellent games this year but I have to give it to Blood Bowl simply on the strength of the 200+ hours i sunk into it. It’s a game I hesitate to recommend to others but the original  system is so strong, the rough edges fade away when you’re playing it.

2008 – World of Goo/Left4Dead/Sins of a Solar Empire/FarCry 2

We played so much L4D that a friend gave us a framed photo of the survivors with our faces photoshopped on but I still have to give this one to Sins. Sins was billed as a 4x but it didn’t really compare to the likes of Galactic Civilisation. It was more of a very slow RTS and it was the first RTS I really got into since the days of the original Age of Empires, Starcraft and C&C.


Portal was the surprise hit of ’07 (though I’m pretty sure I didn’t play it until ’08) and Crysis was the game I was most anticipating (though it mostly ended up being a prettier FarCry with aliens instead of mutants) but it was TF2 that got me playing an online shooter heavily. I’d played plenty of Unreal Tournament, CounterStrike and even the original Team Fortress Quake mod at lans in the past but this was the first time I could hop onto a public server and play without organising 10 of my closest friends first.


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