I’m so hungry I could eat a…

November 9, 2011

I’m on holiday in India for a few months with only my Asus Eee Pad and my wifes laptop for gaming so I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft. I’ve not played it much since the Halloween update so there is lots of cool new stuff I’m just discovering. So far my favourite change is food.

Here’s a story about food.

I was toiling away deep in my underground lair, redirecting a river into a lavafall to make an impressive sculpture when I started to lose health. I turned around to look for the usual pesky skeleton that occasionally spawns in a dark corner but there was no one there but me.

Then I noticed how hungry I was, at this rate I’d starve to death long before I could reach the surface to hunt for some steaks or a porkchop and I had no idea if it was day or night up there anyway. I could try and reach my bedroom where I keep my mushrooms but I’d have to cook them before I could eat them and I didn’t think I could last that long.

I desperately looked through my inventory until I noticed the rotting zombie ribs. I knew they could stop me starving but I was also pretty sure they would give me food poisoning. I tentatively ate one. It stopped my starvation and didn’t make me sick. I tried another one and before I knew it I was gorging on zombie meat until I was full.

I went on with my game thinking the penalties for sickness (I got sick on the second piece and realised later that your last half heart won’t drain from hunger anyway) weren’t too bad but I always tried to keep a porkchop or mushroom stew around in future anyway. When I thought about why, I realised it was because the game had made me resort to cannibalism.

I didn’t have to do it to get past a scripted sequence, it was certainly designed an an interesting  possibility, but it was a possibility the player really chooses to whether to make. Whatever supposedly controversial scene Modern Warfare 3 decides to throw at the player this week won’t be able to top that.


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